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We Focus on Earth Sciences Industry as this is what we best know.

Geo Monks are graduates and working professionals with a background in Earth Sciences and related subjects. Geoscientists better understand your products’ applicability to the Mining/Mineral industry! GMC background allows the creation of the best engaging content to attract new customers to your products and services. Our Organic Campaign through SMM Pro Campaigns can make your brand reach our broad audience base of over 1 Million, particularly Mining/Mineral/Earth Science Industries. All the profit is spent on the development of the Geo Monks Community.

We get you ideal customers from worldwide.

Our Approach

Graph showing how site sessions of increased dramatically during and after our organic campaign. 

  • Content production that conveys the benefits of  the company’s products to the Target Audience (TA)
  • Development of activities and involvement of TA in communication to get feedback
  • Detection and elimination of negative feedback about the company and its products
  • Initiating positive discussions about the company and its products and services
  • We use social media channels as the main long-term communication channels with TA. We develop specialized communities for companies (reach, growth of followers) using organic and paid promotion tools.

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