Product Announcement

A new era for AI and Geo industries

Community and Communication Platform for Mining (CCPM) is now making it possible for geoscience industries and mineral shops to promote, connect, and collaborate like never before.  

Why need CCPM?

The mining and geoscience industries have long been the bedrock of our modern world, providing the essential resources that fuel our daily lives. Yet, in an age of ever-advancing technology and connectivity, these industries have remained relatively unchanged in terms of marketing, communication, and collaboration. This is where a new platform, driven by artificial intelligence (AI), can step in to revolutionize the way we connect and collaborate in these critical sectors.

brown and black industrial machine

Unifying Geoscience: One Platform, Infinite Possibilities.

CCPM will be the one spot to all geoscience-related businesses.

Reaching the Right Prospects, Every Time.

Personalized targeting to only potential customers.


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